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ABOUT the "Ancestors All" PROJECT

My names is Diane Mague Stanley.  I've been interested in family history for about 20 years. In 2002, my Auntie Marian presented me with "The Candy Box" file, an old chocolate box brimming with photographs and letters of my maternal Conrad and Saunders families. 


Knowing of my interest in family history and sharing that interest herself, she decided that I was the one who should receive this treasure trove.  I couldn't believe my good fortune, but I also sensed the burden of it: how to lace together and share the stories that lay in pieces in the box.


This collection of saved letters, most from "Olde England," ignited my ambition to write their stories.  I'm doing this in two ways:

First, I joined the 2018 "52 Ancestors" Blog Challenge from Amy Johnson Crow aimed at writing a blog post on a designated topic each week about an ancestor. You will find my contributions under my blog heading.Second, and slower, are my book chapters, which will appear here in their own good time.

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